Dear EFNDT members,


The EFNDT has 10 WG and 3 Forums that aim to develop new technologies and new standards and Technical Reports, in connection with CEN, that support and develop the future of NDT.

We would like to ask for volunteers who want to collaborate and work in these working groups.

Especially we would like to ask for volunteers for WG6, Additive Manufacturing, whose development is very important.

Interested persons should contact the convenor of this group Matthias Pelkner, email:, for their registration in said WG6.

We attach the presentation of said WG6 and a list of the different WGs.


List of WG and Forum and convenors

  • WG1 – Education & Research – Fermin Gómez /Alexander Mullin
  • WG2 – Radiation Protection and ADR – D Gilbert
  • WG3 – Condition Monitoring – Pavel Mazal.
  • WG4 – Laboratory Accreditation – B Alves
  • WG5 – NDT for Public Safety and Security – Rodolfo Rodriguez
  • WG6 – Additive Manufacturing – Matthias Pelkner.
  • WG7 – Risk Analysis – F Gomez.
  • WG8 – Human Factors – E Martin.
  • WG9 – Ethics – M Carboni
  • WG10 –. NDT 4.0- Johanes Vrana
  • Forum for Aerospace – Helmuth Holler
  • Forum for Rail Industry – Arnim Perrey
  • Forum for Marine – L Garcia


Best regards,

Gema Llorente