The Zografou Campus can be reached in the following ways:

  1. With public means of transportation
  2. With NTUA's mini-Bus
  3. With private means

In the first case, the buses that serve the Zografou campus of NTUA leave from:

Akadimias Street and the bus number is 222, Athens-Zografou line. For NTUA get off the bus at the '8th of Zografou' stop and walk to the "upper" gate of the campus, which is the one at Iroon Polytechneiou 9, near the Lambadario building (Rural and Survey Engineering).

Katehaki St. (Metro) - NTUA Campus (and back)


There is also the bus line (number) 140 for Polygono (Glyfada) which leaves from the Evelpidon Court of Law, and stops near the "lower" gate of the campus, on the cross of Katehaki Av. and Kokkinopoulou St. You can also get on this bus at the intersection of Mesogeion Av. and Katehaki Av., where it also stops. The disadvantage in using this bus is that one has to walk for about 15 minutes, from the "lower" gate to the buildings of the campus. On the other hand, the advantage is that most of the cars pass through that gate and someone might give you a ride!

The accuracy and time tables for these buses, is not the responsibility of NTUA but of the Public Means of Athens Transportation Organization (OASA). If you have any queries or complaints, call phone number 185.

In the second case, the time table of NTUA's mini-bus is:


 Patision Complex     07:15   09:15   11:15
 Zografou Campus   08:05   10:15   14:30

In the third case, you must keep in mind that cars (taxis or private) can enter the campus only through the entrance near Katehaki Avenue (see Campus Map). This is until smartcards, that will allow access to the campus through the Zografou gate, are made available.