The fort still known with its Turkish name, Firca (Firka = barracks) was built in order to protect the entrance of the harbour. A thick chain from Firca to the base of the light-house closed the harbour in case of siege. The inside area was divided into barracks and ammunition warehouses. Over the door of the first floor there is the following inscription : "ALOYSIUS BRAGADEUS PROVISOR CYDONIAE M. DCXX". Firca was used as military barracks and a prison. The flag of the Unification of Crete to Greece was symbolically raised on the corner watch-tower on 1st December 1913.

The conference venue will take place at the Center of Mediterranean Architecture (CAM),, situated in the old port of the city of Chania at Katehaki Squ., in the city of Chania - Crete (see map).

Chania, ( is situated in the northwest side of the Crete Island. Air flight connections with its international Airport - Daskaloyianni, 16km far from the Chania city with 10 flights per day (duration of 30min from Athens El. Venizelos International Airport).