4th International Conference on NDT of HSNT
During the closing ceremony of the 3rd International Conference on NDT of HSNT in Chania Crete on October 2003 the participants decided unanimously that the next international conference on NDT of HSNT, the 4th ICNDT, would be also carried out in Chania in October 2007. Following this decision HSNT has the pleasure to announce our 4th ICNDT, which will take place in Chania-Crete on October 11-14, 2007. Chania is located in the northwestern side of the Island of Crete, the place where the well know Minoan civilization was developed 45 centuries ago and is a lively, exciting and fascinating city.
The conference venue is the Center of Mediterranean Architecture (CAM) a historical and marvelous Venetian building situated at the old port of the city of Chania.
The conference organizing committee with its chairman Dr. Ioannis Prassianakis invites you cordially to present papers and posters on all relevant fields of NDT and also to participate in the exhibition of new NDT products. The latter  will take place during the conference.
You are all kindly invited to participate in this important event and take the chance to create or renew friendships, establish new academic and /or professional relationships, exchange ideas and have the opportunity to relax in this historical and famous city of the island of Crete.

Looking forward to welcome you in October 2007.

The Chairman of the Conference,
Professor Ioannis Prassianakis
HSNT President
The Market, impressive for its size and shape, was built on the remains of the bulwark Pietta Forma. The structure is in the shape of a cross with 76 shops grouped according to their wares in the four arms of the cross. The south facade is particularly well constructed out of chiselled limestone, in the architectural style of the local tradition, developed during the Venetian period. Construction was completed in 1913 and the formal opening was made by Eleftherios Venizelos on 4th December 1913 as part of the celebrations for the Unification of Crete to Greece.
Dear friends and colleagues,