The tower lies on the north-east corner of the Public Gardens and was built in 1924-1927. It is structured in three parts : a base, a body whose sides converge upwards, and a roof in the form of a round pavillion. It was built with boulders from the quarries of Lendariana and Halepa and with river sand. The clock tower was designed by D. Kollaros. On the same corner, next to the Clock, is an open theatre that has been an integral part of the Gardens.

Full Papers: The length of the full papers for oral as well as for poster presentation, which will be provided in electronic form for the proceedings. It must not exceed 8 pages including text, diagrams and references. The paper size will be A4 and all borders must be set at 3cm on top and 2.5 on the remaining sides. The text must be in the Times New Roman font size 11.
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Exhibitors - Sponsors: Each sponsor and exhibitor can send an up to two page advertisement to be included in the book of abstracts and on up to 4 pages one for the proceedings in electronic format.