The Venizelian Conservatory is situated at 3 Nik. Foka str. It is the property of the Association for the Development of Fine Arts. Its construction began in 1931 and was completed in 1933 at the expense of Elena Venizelou. The framework of the building is a blending of concrete and stone. The concert hall is well-known for its excellent acoustics and it was constructed by K. Lygithakis.
The conference is relevant to all those involved with NDT equipment and services and professionals of the private and public sector of NDT. All participants are invited to submit oral and/or poster constributions to the symposia and workshops of the conference.
Summary of presentations to be published in a Book of Abstracts must be no larger than one A4 sheet of paper having 2,5 cm blank borders on all sides of the page. The text must be in the Times New Roman font size 11.
Poster session
Each participant of the Poster Session will be allotted in the Poster Room one backboard of about 2m2 for his paper.